Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Days and Bad Days....

So I know with everyone there are going to be good days and bad days... for this is normal. But I have to admit there are just some days that seem impossible. Those are the days when you feel like your gut is in knots because you want something and can't have it... For thos of you that don't understand let me break it down for you... This is like going to your favorite resturant for your favorite meal only to find out when you get there, they took it off the menu! Yea, something like that...The up side to this is I know Jesus didn't die on the cross for me to nail him back up there with my worries and unbelief! I have to get over it.... good things happen to the undeserving and bad thing to those who more than deserve it....So I pray to God this feeling of failure and nonfaith will go away! I love not knowing what God holds for me in his future for me.... I just get so impatient and want to know what is in his hand that he is about to give me. I'm like a child witing for my daddy to buy me a peice of candy, and although I get into trouble I'm still going to get my peice of candy... it's waiting for it that is the most fusterating thing. Sometimes to the point of tears..... Well at least that's where I was last night. God please help me to bepatient and not envius..... Bless me!

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